Flurry Analytics Client with Full Support for Usage & Event Metrics


Flurcl is an Android app for developers who use Flurry analytics. Flurcl displays the metrics for your account which are available through Flurry’s JSON API. Flurcl includes full support for usage and event metrics, including event duration and event parameters!

The existing selection of Flurry apps is, well, awful. All the other available apps for Flurry either crash constantly or display a small portion of the data which is available from Flurry. So, I’ve developed Flurcl!

Flurcl Features

  • usage & event metrics for all your apps
  • line graphs with zoom and pan
  • usage metric graphs:
    • Active Users
    • New Users
    • Average Session Length
    • Median Session Length
    • Sessions
    • Retained Users
    • Page Views
    • Average Page Views Per Session
  • event summary containing all events
  • event metric graphs:
    • Total Count
    • Unique Users
    • Average Duration
    • Total Duration
  • event parameter pie graphs
    • each value is a pie slice
    • same colors as Flurry website
    • tappable pie slices
  • event parameter value counts and percentages
  • filter all data by app version

Important Notes

  • Flurry has an API access rate limit of one request per second. This means that Flurcl can only request one set of data per second. Usually this won’t be an issue since I designed Flurcl with this limit in mind; however, if you rapidly change metric types or time ranges then you might notice Flurcl taking an extra second or so to load the data.
  • Flurry’s API is currently broken with regard to retrieving the number of sessions for which an event occurred on a day-by-day basis. Therefore, Flurcl is unable to display a “Sessions” graph in the event metrics. I filed an issue report with Flurry on June 18, 2014 with details about this issue. Even with my detailed explanation and examples of the problem, they have been unwilling to fix the issue. In fact, they simply updated their documentation to match their broken API, effectively upgrading a bug to a feature. In the API’s current state, there is no way to retrieve the number of sessions for an event on a day-by-day basis. In the unlikely event that the problem is ever fixed, I will update Flurcl to include a graph of the day-by-day session count for each event. By the way, this API bug is the sole reason that Flurcl wasn’t released months ago because I was patiently waiting/hoping on the problem to be fixed.

By the way, “Flurcl” is short for “Flurry Client”. It’s pronounced as one word; think “Flurkle”.