So It Has Come To This

It’s an age where Facebook is losing active users, Google+ is a ghost town, Instagram is ruining good photographs, and there’s something called “Snapchat” which I want no part in. Twitter still has a good atmosphere, but its 140 character limit can be a nightmare to get any significant point across. I prefer to be verbose and use proper grammar. So, it has come to this… I created a “blog.” Just don’t expect me to post frequently.

I intend to use this page primarily to talk about my apps and my hiking. I’ll post about new releases of my apps, and I’ll try to include more details about what has changed than I’ve relayed in the past. I’ll also use this page to post updates about my hikes. Last year when I thru hiked the Colorado Trail I used Facebook to keep friends and family up-to-date on my status and to show off the breathtaking views. This year I’ll be using this page for those hiking updates. Usually if I have something short to say then I’ll probably use Twitter, and my Twitter feed is shown in the sidebar on this page.

This site also has an individual page for each of my apps and my hikes so have a look around!