Colorado Trail – Day 1

August 5, 2013

Miles Hiked: 11.5
Total Miles: 11.5
Segment: 1

Still on segment 1. Hard days hike. Got winded several times. Probably a combination of being out of shape along with the thin air. Ran into a guy named Eric from Austin. Eric is also a computer programmer. He hiked the CO trail in 2004. He hiked it in 25 days. For 9 miles or so we were going back and forth between who was ahead, but he eventually pulled ahead while I was struggling coming uphill. I got a bad blister on the bottom of each foot.  I had developed thick calluses on my heals and toes, but I’ve never had problems with the bottoms of my feet. The blisters popped while hiking which slowed me down even more. Ended up making camp on a steep slope because there were no good levels spots.  One nice thing about a hammock is that you don’t need level ground. I’m struggling to force myself to eat. I just don’t have an appetite. Day 2 will start off with downhill for about 5 miles, and then start back up.

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​​Day 2 ⇒