Colorado Trail – Day 10

August 14, 2013

Miles Hiked: 11.6
Total Miles: 104.4
Segment: ​​6

Started out at 8:30am today, good for me. Was hoping for an easy hike down the mountain but as usual it was much more difficult. The downhill hiking is hard on the feet. I thought I reached the end when I saw a road but the trail looped backward up the other side of the valley and I had 4 more miles to go. That was a major mental blow. But I finally made it to the free bus to Breckenridge. Towards the end of the segment I met a guy named Adam. He was planning on going all the way to Durango, but he is going to stop at Breckenridge. It sounded like he had a friend who bailed on him before starting. Rode the bus to Breckenridge. Adam headed to the Fireside hostel, but I wanted my own room. Took me a while to decide but I finally choose Beaver Run Resort. It is expensive, $112 per night before taxes. $140 after. Took a shower and headed downtown to eat. Breckenridge is a surprisingly beautiful town, but it definitely targets tourists. Heavily centered on skiing but very nice in the summer.

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IMG_20130814_092655 IMG_20130814_092901 IMG_20130814_095535 IMG_20130814_135209 IMG_20130814_140104 IMG_20130814_140108 IMG_20130814_140234


Breckenridge, CO

IMG_20130814_174408 IMG_20130814_174436 IMG_20130814_174502 IMG_20130814_175425 IMG_20130814_175444 IMG_20130814_175614 IMG_20130814_184621

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