Colorado Trail – Day 11

August 15, 2013

Miles Hiked: 12.4
Total Miles: 116.8
Segment: ​​7

Woke up early, around 6:45am. Went down and ate breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel. I was the only one in there until a dad and his sons came in. After breakfast, I walked around the hotel some. Lots of different activities available: arcade, pool, & stores inside the hotel building. Definitely built for cold winters so you can do everything inside the hotel. Checked out after 10am. Might as well take full advantage of my $140. Rode the free bus back to the Colorado Trail, easy enough. Got started on the trail around 11:30am. The first mile or so was all being logged. Trees down everywhere, just lying on the ground. The trail was steeper than expected. The scaling in the data book can be deceptive. Took a break after about 2 miles to adjust my socks… continued feet problems. While resting, a girl came by. She was solo thru hiking as well. I didn’t catch her name. She said she had to sleep in the dog park in Breckenridge because the only room available was $150. She must have been moving quickly to catch me so fast…. but I am slow as hell. She walked on after we talked for maybe 30 seconds. By the time I realized I should have hurried up and walked with her, it was too late. She hikes much faster than me. I continued up the trail to the ridge. Extremely steep hiking. About as steep as I can manage. The view on the ridge was amazing though. Those moments are why I do this hike. I wanted to make it down the other side of the mountain to just outside Copper Mountain. The hike down was steeper than the hike up! It just murdered my feet. The downhill pounding is torture. I made it to just at the end of segment 7. It was extremely difficult to find good trees on which to hang my tent. Very frustrating! Finished setting up camp in the dark. Exhausted. Tomorrow I plan to eat breakfast at Copper Mountain before continuing on segment 8.

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IMG_20130815_120305 IMG_20130815_144457 IMG_20130815_154406 IMG_20130815_155941 IMG_20130815_160311 IMG_20130815_160317 IMG_20130815_160321 IMG_20130815_160330 IMG_20130815_160353 IMG_20130815_160629 IMG_20130815_161504 IMG_20130815_161516


Breckenridge in the distance

IMG_20130815_161806 IMG_20130815_162610 IMG_20130815_163821 IMG_20130815_165231 IMG_20130815_170236 IMG_20130815_170239 IMG_20130815_170338 IMG_20130815_170917 IMG_20130815_170923 IMG_20130815_171336

Gorgeous views on the Tenmile Range

IMG_20130815_171527 IMG_20130815_171727 IMG_20130815_172055 IMG_20130815_172527 IMG_20130815_172530 IMG_20130815_172534 IMG_20130815_172843 IMG_20130815_173318 IMG_20130815_175143 IMG_20130815_175907 IMG_20130815_182233

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