Colorado Trail – Day 12

August 16, 2013

Miles Hiked: 14.5
Total Miles: 131.2
Segments: ​​7, 8

Woke up to a cold morning. Mid to low 30s. I got a bit chilled while sleeping, but manageable. The cold made it difficult to get moving and get camp packed up. Got moving at about 8:30am. Crossed the highway and headed up the trail. At mile 1.6 the trail skims the edge of Copper Mountain. I tried not to look like a slob and walked into the resort/town. An older man, who I guess was providing info and helping people, directed me towards a cafe that was serving breakfast. I ate! I was back on the trail by 11am or so. Today’s hike up to the passes was steep but not nearly as bad as yesterday. There was about 5 miles of hiking above treeline so I was a bit concerned about getting stuck on the mountain after dark with my hammock and no trees. But I made it over the passes and down into the trees by 6:30 or so. Went ahead and set up camp even though the ground is kinda steep. I was absolutely sick of walking downhill for the day. Hurts my feet badly. I pushed myself too hard today, as usual. 14.5 miles with the passes and eating at Copper Mountain… yikes.  I have about 11.4 miles to hike tomorrow to finish segment 8 and reach Tennessee Pass where I should be able to hitchhike to Leadville which is 9 miles from there. Tomorrow’s hiking should be a lot of downhill with some up towards the end. I’m looking forward to Leadville… especially to buy some new insoles for my shoes. The ones I bought in Fairplay are shit.

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Copper Mountain

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