Colorado Trail – Day 15

August 19, 2013

Miles Hiked: 17.2
Total Miles: 175.2
Segments: ​​10, 11

Most of the day was uneventful with some long stretches of both up and down hiking. I got quite tired and felt funny as I approached the Mount Massive Trailhead which finishes segment 10. My plan was to finish segment 10 and then hike a few miles into segment 11 so that tomorrow I would only have to hike around 5 miles to reach Twin Lakes. It started raining which boosted my morale. After some confusion about how far I had hiked, it turned out I had gone around 4 miles into segment 11. The databook says there are beaver ponds and camping at mile 4.8 so I decided I would hike there and camp. But when I reached the lakes there were no usable trees for my hammock. I explored the ponds which were very neat because there was a beaver lodge in the middle of one and the pond was created by a beaver dam. I got a great picture. After getting back to the trail, I made a quick decision to just push on to Twin Lakes tonight. It was around 7pm by this time. I walked fairly quickly and reached the side trail going to Twin Lakes at about 7:40pm. From there I knew I had about another mile to go to reach the town. The trail became steep and I was tired. But I finally reached Twin Lakes at nearly dark. I went to the brightest building which was an inn and restaurant. Thankfully they had rooms available. Since I hadn’t expected to reach Twin Lakes until tomorrow afternoon, I got 2 nights. The room was $90 before tax. After getting a room I rushed down to eat before the inn’s restaurant closed. The room at the Inn is small with no TV or AC. The bathroom with shower is shared between rooms. But it is still a very nice break from the tent. Taking a shower after eating was amazing.

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A beaver lodge. One of my favorite pictures from the trail.


Twin Lakes


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