Colorado Trail – Day 16

August 20, 2013 – Twin Lakes, CO

Miles Hiked: 0
Total Miles: 175.2

I tried to relax and do as little as possible, which turned out to be very easy since there is nothing in Twin Lakes. I did laundry which cost me $10 to use the washer and dryer in their hostel house. I bought some supplies at the general store, but they had very little. All I was able to get was some granola bars, sunscreen, and insect repellent. They didn’t have lemonade mix or shoe insoles. I walked down to one of the lakes. The water level was very low. Probably the best part of that was getting to look back at Twin Lakes, but I didn’t have my phone for a photo. A bike race came through town this morning. Everyone was preparing all morning for the bikers to come through. There were police everywhere, drug/bomb dogs, the road was shutdown, and everyone stood around outside for hours, just waiting. When it was obvious that they were getting close I went down and stood by the road. A few minutes later the bikers rushed by and it was over. What a stupid thing, they spent hours preparing to see bikers rush by in a matter of no time… I don’t get it. Finished the day with a good meal. Katie and Krista are the 2 main waitresses. One of the head ladies, Mary?, asked if I was leaving early in the morning because she would pre-prepare a breakfast for me. Very awesome. But I informed her that I’m a late sleeper. Good service.

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Twin Lakes, CO

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