Colorado Trail – Day 17

August 21, 2013

Miles Hiked: 17
Total Miles: 192.2
Segment: ​​11, 12

Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I was very comfortable. I finally did get up and worked my way down stairs where I ate a breakfast burrito and glass of orange juice, all free from the inn. Then I went over to the general store and got a Monster drink. Went back to my room and finished packing up my pack. Finally checked out around 9:15am. Overall I would say the Twin Lakes Inn was a very pleasant and needed experience. Then I set off down the road to rejoin the trail. The first task on the trail was to circle around the 2 lakes. This hike was hot, no trees and bright sunshine. After crossing the dam there were finally some trees. I decided to take a 1.4 mile side venture to visit Interlaken which is an old abandoned resort. Collegiate west of the Colorado Trail goes right by it so I had to hike it to Interlaken and then backtrack to the original trail. Interlaken was interesting but all the buildings had been moved when they put in the dam. Many of the buildings had also been “restored”. Still probably worth the detour. Back on the trail I made decent time. Initial steep uphill out of the Twin Lakes valley, but not too bad. I completed segment 11 and pushed 1.4 miles into segment 12. Tomorrow is going to be very difficult, starting with a long steep climb and then downhill and then back up again. Not looking forward to it much but hopefully there is some nice scenery. I seem to be able to cover more miles per day now which is very nice. Although we’ll see after tomorrow.

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