Colorado Trail – Day 19

August 23, 2013

Miles Hiked: 14.1
Total Miles: 220.3
Segment: ​​12, 13

Well, if the uphill in segment 12 was hard then the climb at the start of segment 13 was insanely difficult. That was seriously the most awfully difficult few miles I’ve ever hiked. Steep and long. I had to stop very often and catch my breath. Very hard. The hike down the other side was very steep also. I wasted most of the day on that single uphill climb. My legs were still tired from yesterday. It was amazing to finally be over that peak. I tried to push in as many miles as possible at the end of the day. I would like to reach Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort by early afternoon tomorrow. I shouldn’t stay the night there. Just eat and maybe relax a bit and move on, but I’m sure I’ll wuss out and stay. Salida is only another 20 miles past there and I have to go to Salida for a big resupply before pushing into the second half of the trail which has far fewer towns which are spaced far apart. Regardless, I hope for tomorrow to be an easy day. The last couple days have been very difficult and exhausting. Here’s hoping the hike tomorrow is easy since I tried to finish most of the uphill today.

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