Colorado Trail – Day 2

August 6, 2013

Miles Hiked: 12.6
Total Miles: 24.1
Segments: 1, 2

Hiking down the mountain at the end of segment 1 was hot but went fairly quickly. I stopped at the creek and ate, refilled with water, and attempted to bath. The water was extremely cold. I talked to another guy going to Durango who had a dog with him. It sounded like he was struggling. The hike out of the valley for the first half of segment 2 was brutal. I’m amazed at how hot the weather has been. I thought this was Colorado, not Oklahoma. Segment 2 is mostly barren land due to a fire years ago. I made it to the old jeep trail on segment 2. It was about 7 pm and I came to a crest where I could see very few trees in the distance. So I backtracked a bit and hung my hammock. I’m about 2.8 miles from the fire station building where there is a water spigot. I have less than a liter of water left. It started light raining as I set my tent up, and I can hear it hitting my tent now.

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IMG_20130806_082144 IMG_20130806_082156 IMG_20130806_083840 IMG_20130806_091328 IMG_20130806_104856


This area was burned by the Hayman Fire in 2002.

IMG_20130806_134424 IMG_20130806_134428

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