Colorado Trail – Day 20

August 24, 2013

Miles Hiked: 16.3
Total Miles: 236.6
Segment: ​​13, 14

Fairly level hiking today. The hike down to Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort was not too bad. Several miles of it were on open road with the sun shining so it was hot. When I was walking on the road, a woman pulled over and asked if I needed a ride. I told her no since the road was technically the trail at that point. No cheating. Once I reached the resort, I went straight to the restaurant and had a burger. The staff was slightly rude and it felt like it was because I was a hiker. The burger was big and good, but no Burgess burger. After eating I went to the general store and grabbed 2 sodas, some candy, and some cliff bars. The store didn’t have much. Still no lemonade or shoe insoles. After the store, I went back to the trail. I was eager to make as many miles an possible to put me in the best position possible to reach Salida tomorrow. The start of segment 14 really wasn’t too bad and I feel like I made decent time. That is except for the 2 times my stomach got upset and I had diarrhea… while it was raining… at over 10,000 feet… hiking! I finished the day with still around 16 miles to Salida. I hope I can make it tomorrow. I think I can, I just hope I make it with enough daylight left to hitchhike to town. Cows are mooing all around. There are quite a few cows roaming the area. I set my alarm an hour earlier, 6am, to hopefully get a jump start on tomorrow’s hike. I definitely would love to reach Salida tomorrow.

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