Colorado Trail – Day 21

August 25, 2013

Miles Hiked: 15.9
Total Miles: 252.5
Segment: ​​14

Got out of camp by 7:40am. The hike today was a mixed batch of up and down. Sometimes more than I liked. Overall the hike was decent and I made fair time. There still wasn’t much to look at besides trees. Was a pretty good forest type hike. Finally made it to highway 50 around 4:40pm or so. It took about 30 minutes for someone to stop. A guy named Austin gave me a ride into Salida even though it was 5 miles past his turn. He took me right to the Super 8 building. I was very thankful. He said he was creating a startup company. I got a hotel which was only around $72 per night before taxes. That is the right price for a Super 8. Fuck Leadville. This Super 8 is excellent. Probably the best check-in service ever. Information about restaurants, best walking roads, things to see. Very good. Room is quite clean as well. Went down to Wallbangers (odd name, not a strip club) for dinner. Had 2 big margaritas and got nicely buzzed. Watching TV was nice. First TV since Breckenridge.

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