Colorado Trail – Day 22

August 26, 2013 – Salida, CO

Miles Hiked: 0
Total Miles: 252.5

Today’s goal was to resupply with food and everything I needed from Walmart. While going through my pack and making a shopping list, I noticed my hat was missing. I searched everywhere. I remembered that I had it wrapped around my trekking poles. I had put the poles in the back compartment of the guy’s pickup while riding into Salida. I must have forgot the hat in his pickup. Major, major bummer. That hat was perfect for what I needed. I got all the food and most everything else I needed from Walmart, except a hat which they surprisingly didn’t have any hats. So basically the rest of my day became searching for a hat. I went to every store that was remotely outdoors or clothing related and the best I found in a full brim hat was some that didn’t fit at all. Craig Bear even did some searching and calling around some stores to help find me a hat. Nice guy that Craig. Although I suspect he was just avoiding work, but regardless, I appreciate his help. I walked all over town before finally giving up. Tomorrow I’ll just have to settle for a regular baseball cap. I ate leftovers for dinner and drank a lot of Dr Pepper which I bought at Walmart. These town stops always seem so short. Oh, and I got a pair of scissors to finally trim my mustache. Much better.

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Salida, CO

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