Colorado Trail – Day 23

August 27, 2013

Miles Hiked: 10
Total Miles: 262.5
Segment: ​​15

Woke up at around 7:20am. Got around, did some packing, grabbed “breakfast” in the lobby, and then set off in desperation to find any sort of hat. I wound up at Murdocks, which is similar to Atwoods. They had a decent Columbia cap, so I bought it. Just a regular ball cap, not full brim. Better than nothing. Got back to the hotel and lazily finished packing. Checked out of the hotel around 10:15. Headed for the west end of town to hitch back to the trail. I first stopped and grabbed one last meal at Sonic. After eating, I found a decent spot next to the road and stuck out my thumb. As usual, about the time I was ready to give up, a guy in one of those tiny vans stopped. He could only take me part way. He dropped me off at a gas station in Poncha Springs. I went immediately back to the side of the road. The sun was blasting full strength. I tried for a while to hitch and then just started walking along the road. I eventually came to a tree and took a long break in the shade. Not long after resuming trying to hitch, a car pulled over. A couple. The guy immediately jumped out and started making space in the back seat. I found it a bit odd he would take a few minutes to rearrange his car just to give a stranger a ride, but whatever. He seemed nice. After driving a few miles, he casually asked me if I ever smoke weed. I of course said no. After that he turned up the radio and I really couldn’t hear anything. The conversation stopped until right before my departure. Later I got to thinking that they probably only picked me up in hopes of selling me weed. I guess the homeless guy look is really working for me! Whatever, it was a free ride. I was back to the trail around 1:30pm. It was nice to be back on the trail. The first portion of segment 15 was pretty much all in sunlight. I got very hot. My pack is also really heavy with all the food. I need to eat a bunch of it before I just throw it away because the heavy pack is very tiring. The hike today was a gradual uphill walk. Not too bad. Around mile 8 it started to get steep. Right before the continental divide it got very steep but that was fairly short. I wanted to push over the ridge today so tomorrow would start out easy, and I had to hike a ways further to reach some usable trees for my hammock. Overall a fair day of hiking considering the late start.

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