Colorado Trail – Day 24

August 28, 2013

Miles Hiked: 15.9
Total Miles: 278.4
Segments: ​​15, 16

I had my alarm set for 6am but I ended up pressing snooze until 8am. I’m surprised I did that but I just really really didn’t want to get up. I didn’t leave camp until 9am. I camped fairly close to treeline last night so at least the view wasn’t terrible, although it was a lower treeline. Hiking today was fairly standard. Water sources are starting to get much more sparse. I refilled once at a pipe sticking out of the ground with water trickling from it. A “piped spring” the databook calls it. While there and about to leave a group of motorcycles (dirt bikes) comes rushing by. WTF? Why are they on the trail? I figured they were just being rebels because everywhere I’ve seen before they weren’t allowed on the trail. When I moved on to segment 16 I saw a sign that actually said motorcycles were allowed! Great. A little before that sign was another sign that said “tread lightly”, ironic much? Due to the motorcycle activity, the segment 16 trail has been a complete mess. Deep ruts, mud holes, chewed up ground that is miserable to walk on. I really hope this trend doesn’t continue. I’m still feeling the weight of my pack. I sure got used to it being pretty light. I eat a bunch every time I stop to help get rid of some weight. My feet had a pretty bad general soreness today. No single spot that hurt just kinda all over. I do think the insoles I bought in Salida are better. However, a new thing is sharp pains shooting through my feet. Feels like someone takes a hot nail and stabs it into random places on my feet. Hurts like hell and if I didn’t have my trekking poles I would probably fall every time it happens. I made it to a water source to set up camp. I stopped around 6:40pm, I’m tired of setting of camp in the dark. I’ll try to wake up early again tomorrow. Hopefully I actually wake up early. I really want to get as many miles in as possible tomorrow.

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