Colorado Trail – Day 25

August 29, 2013

Miles Hiked: 16.6
Total Miles: 295
Segments: ​​16, 17

Well, I didn’t leave camp until around 9:30am. It was in the 30s this morning which dramatically slowed me down while packing up camp. I knew better than to camp in a valley next to water, but I did it anyway. As I was leaving camp, I met a man named Lott who was refilling with water at the stream. Lott had already hiked several miles. I wish I could get around that early. Lott hiked the John Muir Trail last year. I left Lott and hiked on, but he eventually caught me and passed me. He said a hiker named Neil was coming from behind and moving fast, but I never saw him all day. I did see several other people on the trail today which I found odd for this remote segment. 2 guys which were segment hiking. Ones name was Randy. They only hiked about 10 miles. There were also 2 bikers who were doing a thru ride. They seemed wore out. They said it was about half carrying the bike and half riding it. The trail is messy again with lots of loose dirt and rocks. Everyone I’ve talked with pretty much agreed it was because of the motorcycles. I seriously hope they aren’t allowed much further. The hike today wasn’t too bad. My legs and feet actually felt pretty good. I did get a raw spot on my right heal and I put a piece of tape on it. A concern today was water. I filled with 3 liters before I left camp. There was a lake about 10 miles away on segment 17 but it was a half mile hike down to the lake. A full mile detour to refill. I chose to bypass the lake and go on. Probably stupid but I still had 2 liters of water when I reached the lake turnoff. There was a chance for water at mile 10.5 on segment 17 but it was barely a trickle and I didn’t want to further clog my filter. I probably should have tried to get some water there anyway. I made it about 13 miles into segment 17, a total of 16.6 miles, today which is good considering the late start. I made camp on a ridge. Hopefully it will be warmer when I wake up tomorrow. After eating and drinking some I only have about 2/3 of a liter of water left. I have to make it about another 6 miles before definite water. It is going to be close but I think I can make it. I really want to just guzzle a ton of water. I’m thirsty but know I need to ration. There are a few steep climbs tomorrow so I’ll have to be very careful not to drink too much water at once. After about 3.5 miles it should be mostly downhill. I will need to do much better planning of my water in the future.

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