Colorado Trail – Day 26

August 30, 2013

Miles Hiked: 17.7
Total Miles: 312.7
Segments: ​​17, 18

Last night was very warm. In the 50s. I sweated. Just a few minutes after leaving camp this morning at around 8:15 Lott caught up with me. He had camped just a little ways behind me, maybe half a mile. He said he was out of water. Lott and I ended up walking together the rest of the day. I ran out of water with about 3.5 miles left to go until Lujan Creek. Thankfully I made it up most of the last few uphill portions of segment 17 with water. The uphill on 17 was steeper than expected. Lott had to go over 6 miles without water. We reached mile 19.2 where the databook says there is water but there was only a trickling stream. Lott and I were both expecting a better flowing creek. So we walked on. We didn’t reach water until 0.1 on segment 18. I was very thirsty so Lott must have been extremely thirsty. I had only been sipping water for over a day. I drank 3 liters sitting at that creek and ate a lot of food. That creek was glorious. Much needed. 2 bikers were at the creek when we got there. Didn’t catch their names. After sitting there for a while 2 northbound hikers came through. Prospector and Chris. One of the guy’s feet smelled really awful, according to Lott. We hung out there for quite awhile and then moved on. Less than a mile up the trail we came across a bag full of soda and beer which was left for hikers. We both had a coke. What an amazing thing, perfect timing. Next time I’m near the trail I have to leave some “trail magic” for other hikers because it is such an awesome thing to find. So nice. I need to repay the favor. Definitely. We hiked on at a pretty decent pace. I hope I’m not slowing Lott down. He is only 3 days out of Salida while I’m 3.5. I have one extra night. We talked quite a lot. It is nice to have someone to regularly talk to after 26 days. I told Lott about coyote hunting with greyhounds. He had never heard of it and thought it was awesome. Lott likes hunting elk. Lott has 3 daughters: 15, 17, & 19. Lott is from California originally. Retired army. Worked at the prison in Buena Vista for 15 years and retired from there. Owns a cabin in Buena Vista that he built. His family moved to St George, Utah to escape the cold and snow. He currently rents out the cabin. We were both much more cautious about water today. I need to manage water much better before I really get dehydrated. We hiked until a hill overlooking a big barren valley. We set up camp about 50 feet apart. Lott has a ULA pack and a very light ZPacks tent. We will probably hike together again tomorrow, assuming I get around at a reasonable time. Tomorrow should be a fairly gentle hike with the exception of being exposed because there are few trees. It sounds like Lott originally started the trail back in July and took a break for things, including getting his kids ready for school.

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