Colorado Trail – Day 27

August 31, 2013

Miles Hiked: 17.3
Total Miles: 330
Segments: ​​18, 19

My alarm went off at 7 and just a few minutes later something jostled my tent. It felt like something hit the rope at my feet. Pretty good shake which I doubt a small animal could do. Never figured out what it was. I hiked all day with Lott again. A lot of gradual uphill hiking on jeep trails and gravel roads. Exposed but there was mostly cloud cover. Actually a decent view down through the valley on the rest of segment 18. I lost track of where we were and we ended up several miles into segment 19 when I thought we were still on 18. Somehow we also missed the “fenced in spring” which was supposed to be just a few miles into segment 19. We were able to easily make it to the creek at mile 7 with enough water. The trail basically followed the creek to the end of the segment. I told Lott I would be fine with finishing the trail with him. Kinda nice to have someone other than myself to talk to. Lott said I snored last night. His tent was quite a ways from mine so that surprised me. I didn’t really even know I snored. Lott got a blister on his heal which he popped mid hike. I have several blisters I’ve been nursing but not popping. But tonight I popped all my blisters. 2 of which were still fresh. 1 on my right big toe and 1 on my left heal. I also cut into 2 blisters on my right heal which were old and empty of puss. I then used a lot of my bandages to wrap everything. Hopefully that was a good decision considering segment 20, and the start of 21, tomorrow will both have steep climbs above 12000 feet. Lott and I seem to have about the same hiking pace, but I still worry I’m either going too slow or too fast. He likes to let me lead on the trail. I’m not used to hiking with someone else. We both camped right at the end of 19; actually, just a little ways into 20. Our plan is to make it to Lake City with 2 more days of hiking. I hope we do because I need a shower and a bed for a bit. I haven’t had a phone signal since August 28. I warned everyone about this but I would still like to let them know I’m still alive. Maybe I’ll get a signal on the pass tomorrow.

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