Colorado Trail – Day 28

September 1, 2013

Miles Hiked: 15.4
Total Miles: 345.4
Segments: ​​20, 21

My feet were very stiff this morning and my left ankle was popping when I walked. It was a cool morning, probably lower 40s. There was a lot of dew on everything. Lott and I were both slow at breaking our camps. We didn’t get moving until about 9:15am or so. The start of segment 20 wasn’t too bad. A slight uphill along the same creek from segment 19. The uphill eventually got steeper and steeper. As we started the final ascent to the saddle it started raining and small hail. We moved on with no lunch break since it was raining. I struggled majorly with climb to the saddle even though it really felt like I shouldn’t have.  As soon as we reached the top I took off my pack, set down mixed-up some lemonade, and started eating. I figured I was just low on energy since we skipped lunch. I was right because I felt immensely better after eating. While we set there a couple passed us. They had just summitted San Luis and Organ. They left to the west, the direction we were about to head. After a few minutes we started hiking again. Our plan was to reach the water about 2.6 miles into segment 21 before making camp, but this meant we would have to go down, then up to the continental divide, then down to San Luis Pass, then up 1000 feet to nearly 13000 feet, and then back down to the water. I finished the day much stronger after eating. It started raining again, very hard, when we were climbing up to the continental divide. I got drenched. My feet got wet. The climbs were difficult. It eventually stopped raining but we were already wet, especially me, Lott has an umbrella. The last 1000 foot climb was especially steep and difficult, but we were very motivated to get within range of Lake City for tomorrow. While going down into the valley to reach the water we passed a campsite with horses. They had a fire which smelled nice. But they kept their backs to us and didn’t even say hello. We finally passed over a small stream but I didn’t think it was the creek we were looking for. We went a little further but there wasn’t anymore water and there were no trees for me to hang my hammock. We backtracked a little ways to the stream. I searched for trees for several minutes. Lott eventually found a set that was good enough. This hammock tent is so annoying. Bad idea. Lott set up camp just 20 feet or so uphill. Tomorrow we should reach the highway to hitchhike into Lake City. It should be about a 12 mile hike. There are some more steep peaks. My feet tonight look like I’ve been in a swimming pool for many hours. Totally saturated and tender. We think it will get cold tonight. I really really need a shower, bed, and good meal. This has been a long stretch. I briefly had a phone signal while we were on the first big peak in segment 21. I sent a couple texts to mom but didn’t get an immediate response. She has tried to text me the last couple days. My phone said the texts went through, but if not then I should have service in Lake City tomorrow evening. Here’s hoping I can manage tomorrow with my feet… my shoes are wet and I doubt they dry at all tonight. It is starting to rain, I hear it on the tent. Oh, and my hammock is hanging directly underneath a large dead tree which is leaning over the top of me. I’m sure it’s been like that for years but the thought of it falling on me will be in the back of my mind as I sleep.

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