Colorado Trail – Day 29

September 2, 2013

Miles Hiked: 12
Total Miles: 357.4
Segment: ​​21

Today Lott and I had the goal to reach Lake City. It rained pretty good last night and some this morning early. We filled with water and left camp at around 8:45am. There was one short but steep peak and one 3 mile fairly steep climb to deal with early. I put bags over my socks before putting my feet in my shoes since my shoes were still very wet from yesterday’s hiking in the rain. I was very ready to reach Lake City and get a meal and bed. We saw some deer during our climb up. There were some amazing views because we were above treeline for most of the day. We finally reached the high point of the stretch and were able to look down on Snow Mesa which was amazing. The hike around the mountain and down to the Mesa was quite long, but good views. We finally reached the Mesa and passed a small pond. It was partly cloudy most of the day but the sun was intense when it showed. I got sunburned. I should have kept using my sunscreen. The Mesa wasn’t quite what I was expecting up close. Kinda boring, hilly, and much, much longer than expected. The whole thing was over 12000 feet. The Mesa was our last big challenge before reaching the highway which leads to Lake City. After many times of going over several hills and finding more hills beyond, I finally decided to just stop and take a snack and relax break. After the break, we pushed hard for the highway. We finally reached the highway around 4:15pm and just before it started raining. The databook says the hitch into Lake City is difficult and we saw very few cars on the road during our descent. So we were a bit worried. A few cars passed us and then it started raining. We stood in the rain with our rain gear on continuing to try to hitch, but we eventually decided to take cover under a small roof over a trailhead sign. As we were walking there, a van drove by. I ran to the road with my thumb out and by now it was pouring rain. The van actually stopped a little ways down the road. We ran to the van. It was an older couple who happily agreed to take us to Lake City. They had just came from Silverton. They were taking vacations all over every few weeks. They were nice and curious about what we were doing. We shared plenty. The man was driving pretty slow and it was raining heavily. They pulled over several times to take pictures out the window. We finally reached Lake City and were dropped off in front of a restaurant. We ate buffalo burgers which were just alright, but the meal was amazing to have. We left after just sitting for a while and checking phone messages, etc. The general store and outdoors store were closed. Back to them tomorrow. We then headed to The Ravens Rest Hostel. I haven’t been thrilled with the idea of a hostel in the past, but I figured I need to give it a try since most hikers stay at them. We first stopped at a small grocery store. I didn’t buy much today. We reached the hostel, but there was nobody around. There was a number to call so I did. Lucky, the owner, said to just find some bunks and settle in, so we did. We wanted to do laundry ASAP so we gathered our clothes. We thought we were going to have to walk quite a bit to the laundromat but we saw a sign for one less than a block away. After laundry was done, I took a shower. The hostel is OK. I prefer a motel, but the $25 per night is nice. We are staying 2 nights. It is about as clean as the occupants leave it. The beds are hard, just a crappy mattress on wood bunk beds. At least one other guy is here tonight in another room. Just Lott and I in this room with 2 bunk beds. Tomorrow will be about resupply and relaxing.

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IMG_20130902_094529 IMG_20130902_094535 IMG_20130902_094542 IMG_20130902_094606 IMG_20130902_104459 IMG_20130902_105016


Snow Mesa in the distance

IMG_20130902_121603 IMG_20130902_121606 IMG_20130902_121618 IMG_20130902_122928 IMG_20130902_122932 IMG_20130902_122935 IMG_20130902_122941 IMG_20130902_130209

Snow Mesa

8660_10201456313802086_1792841989_n IMG_20130902_145231

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