Colorado Trail – Day 3

August 7, 2013

Miles Hiked: 16.1
Total Miles: 40.2
Segments: 2, 3

The rain continued most of the night. Fairly level hiking today. I met a couple, can’t remember the guy’s name but the woman was Sarah. I covered a lot of miles today. I wanted to reach the creek so I wouldn’t have to go to sleep thirsty yet again. Took forever to reach the creek… I am out of shape badly. I saw a fox carrying some type of critter in its mouth. I saw it while refilling my water. It was running down the trail and then it saw me and looked shocked. The couple camped just down the hill from me. They started Tuesday, and covered over 23 miles today… crazy. Tomorrow will be an uphill battle all day. I don’t expect to cover much ground..

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