Colorado Trail – Day 30

September 3, 2013 – Lake City, CO

Miles Hiked: 0
Total Miles: 357.4

Today was a zero day in Lake City. Today I woke up fairly early and we headed down to the Tic Toc diner to eat breakfast since it was recommended my the Raven’s Rest Hostel owner, Lucky. When we got there it was closed. So we started a bit of shopping. I wanted to find a replacement filter for my Katadyn Hiker. The Sportsman store didn’t have any. :( I guess I’ll have to manage the hard pumping until Silverton and try again. The woman in the Sportsman store said the BBQ restaurant had good breakfast. Lott and I went over there and ate. The rest of the daytime was spent going between local grocery stores and markets trying to resupply our food with suitable trail food. Nowhere in town had spam packets or tuna salad. You would think these mountain towns would have better food selections for hikers. I ended up with a lot of junk food and 19 ounces of summer sausage. I did buy a pair of long underwear at the general store. I saw that in about a week the temperatures are supposed to drop by 10 degrees or so. I also bought some fresh bandages for my feet… the battle continues. For dinner, we went to the Packer Saloon and Cannibal Grill. I had an amazing burger. Comparable to Burgess in Lawton. A man riding the Transamerica Trail showed up at the hostel. He is basically riding backroads across America on an old, modified Harley with a sidecar outfitted with an equipment box and winch. Pretty neat rig. On the hostel: I would never stay at a place like this outside of a long hike. The owners basically make the guests clean and maintain the place. It isn’t terrible but I imagine it is dirtier and the beds are much harder than even the worst motels. The beds in the bunks have horrible mattresses which are on pieces of plywood. Very uncomfortable. Pretty late at night a guy showed up at the hostel. He was doing geology work for his degree. He is from a New Zealand university, pretty wild.

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Lake City, CO


The Raven’s Rest Hostel

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