Colorado Trail – Day 31

September 4, 2013

Miles Hiked: 8.7
Total Miles: 366.1
Segment: ​​22

I actually slept pretty well last night, even on this miserably hard bed. I got around and left the hostel sometime after 8am. Lott and I then headed down to the Tic Toc diner. This time they were open. The breakfast was pretty good. We then headed to the street to start the process of getting a hitch back to Spring Creek Pass to rejoin the CT. A few people stopped saying they could take us 2 miles. We finally accepted from an older lady. She had hiked around Europe so, as usual, she felt the need to repay the hitchhiking debt. We were then 15 miles from the trail. We stood at that damn intersection for hours trying to get a ride. The traffic was low and everyone drove by. Finally I got frustrated and started walking towards the trail. I had been walking for probably 10 or 15 minutes when a pickup honked its horn behind me. Lott was in the passenger seat. He thankfully got us a ride. I had to ride in the back, under the shell, because there was no more room in the front. The back was filled with a lot of stuff. There was a small space for me to sit on a mattress at the bottom and hold my pack on top of me. It was a painful, uncomfortable ride but it got me to the trail. The man’s name was Dale. As soon as we left the pickup, it started raining. Typical. We returned just as we left, in the rain. We headed for the small shelter around the trailhead sign. I drank a lemonade and ate lunch. It took us 5 hours to hitchhike back to the trail!!! Unbelievable. I guess I should have listened to the databook when it said “tough hitch”. By the time we were back hiking on the trail it was 3pm. With the late start, our goal was to make it to the 8.7 mile mark. We hiked for about 3 miles when a storm came through with lightning. We took shelter in a group of trees until the storm moved on. We were about to hike onto a high mesa so we didn’t take any chances with lightning. When we reached the summit of the mesa we got a decent view of some of our upcoming views/challenges through the San Juan Mountains. I was still frustrated from the hitchhiking fiasco which was bringing me down. I was mentally drained. I was afraid that we wouldn’t reach the 8.7 mile mark and I discovered that the databook is junk on this segment because it just showed a water symbol but we couldn’t see any water. We pushed on even though it was after 7pm. We finally reached our goal. We were going to cross the meadow to some possible campsites but we first stopped by a water source. The water is mossy and not exactly inviting but it should suffice for a water refill in the morning. When we turned around to go find a campsite, Lott spotted a yurt. He had heard about the yurt from some other hikers, but he didn’t know its exact location. We rushed to the yurt. The yurt is basically like a small cabin but made from some material and wood. There are 4 beds (2 bunks), a wood stove, table and chairs, gas lantern, and few other items. It is for hikers. It can be reserved but no one else was here so we settled in for the night. We got the lantern going and a fire in the stove. An amazing thing to have on the trail. The beds are more comfortable than the hostel. The stove easily warms the yurt. A very nice little shelter. Tomorrow we should reach the highest point on the Colorado Trail. A decent bed and no hitching back to the trail… hopefully tomorrow is a good day.

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