Colorado Trail – Day 32

September 5, 2013

Miles Hiked: 15.4
Total Miles: 381.5
Segments: 22, ​​23

Nice cozy night in the yurt. I woke up at around 7:20am this morning. Slow getting around. Lott chopped some wood to replace the wood we burned. Then we registered that we stayed in the yurt. I left a $20 bill which is the “fee” per person. Totally worth it. Lott left an IOU which is allowed. He wanted to save his cash for Silverton. After lots of pictures of the yurt, we went down and refilled our water and started on the trail. We didn’t get on the trail until about 9:45am. The hiking today was a mixture of up and down, but a lot of up. Today we reached the highest point of the CT which was a very good feeling. The view from the highest point wasn’t nearly as good as a few miles before but we took a lot of pictures. The hike down passed by several old mining areas with old cabins. Not much to see but interesting. We didn’t make it quite as far as we’d really have liked to today but we came over rough but beautiful terrain. I took a tremendous amount of pictures today. Today we saw a moose down in a valley and a coyote also. As expected, we were still above treeline at camp time so I’m lying in my hammock on the ground. It is very far from ideal, but I was expecting it. There is lightning in the distance. Hopefully the storm doesn’t come this way because, at 12,700 feet, we are completely exposed.

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IMG_20130905_075655 IMG_20130905_075702 IMG_20130905_075713 IMG_20130905_075740 IMG_20130905_081200 IMG_20130905_081204 IMG_20130905_081220 IMG_20130905_082016 IMG_20130905_084603 IMG_20130905_084628 IMG_20130905_085950


Water is water… after being filtered.

IMG_20130905_094221 IMG_20130905_095335 IMG_20130905_102904 IMG_20130905_102910 IMG_20130905_105333 IMG_20130905_105336 IMG_20130905_105756 IMG_20130905_105811 IMG_20130905_105822 IMG_20130905_110006 IMG_20130905_110322 IMG_20130905_110530 IMG_20130905_110534 IMG_20130905_112134 IMG_20130905_112615 IMG_20130905_113632 IMG_20130905_114347 IMG_20130905_114654

Notice the small dot on the distant trail. A northbound hiker who was wearing Crocs.

IMG_20130905_121740 IMG_20130905_121745 IMG_20130905_122344 IMG_20130905_130251 IMG_20130905_130758 IMG_20130905_130802 IMG_20130905_134311 IMG_20130905_134314 IMG_20130905_134322

The highest point of the Colorado Trail. 13,271 feet at mile 373.

IMG_20130905_142211 IMG_20130905_142218 IMG_20130905_142221 IMG_20130905_144107 IMG_20130905_144112 IMG_20130905_145606 IMG_20130905_145614 IMG_20130905_150922 IMG_20130905_153233 IMG_20130905_154651 IMG_20130905_155004 IMG_20130905_155013 IMG_20130905_155018 IMG_20130905_161257 IMG_20130905_171634 IMG_20130905_174701 IMG_20130905_184906 IMG_20130905_184915 IMG_20130905_184921

No trees for miles. Stretching out my hammock on the ground.


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