Colorado Trail – Day 34

September 7, 2013

Miles Hiked: 11.7
Total Miles: 410.7
Segment: ​​24

Didn’t sleep well last night. I couldn’t get comfortable for some reason. Got an early start today and left camp by 8:20am. Today’s goal was to reach Silverton. The hiking today consisted of about 7 miles of downhill to the bottom of the ravine and then about 5 miles of uphill to Molas Pass where we hitchhiked into Silverton. The downhill hike wasn’t difficult, but it was long. The best part was that there were great views almost the entire time. Gorgeous area. We passed quite a few other hikers. Some of them had huge packs and were about to try to climb the ravine… amateurs. Ha. I was very glad to reach the bottom. We got down at about noon which was just in time to see the Durango-Silverton train go by. Good timing. After walking the tracks a bit we sat by the Animas River and ate and refilled with water. We wanted to prepare ourselves for the steep hike up to Molas Pass. The hike up consisted of a lot of switchbacks so it wasn’t as steep as expected, but it was very exhausting anyway. We made pretty good time. As we neared the pass, we came across a guy I hadn’t seen since day 5 (August 9) on segment 5. After talking for a minute we discovered he was hiking in the wrong direction. He said he took the train into Silverton and then hitched back to Molas Pass, skipping several miles of the trail. He cheated and skipped the uphill. He will probably still claim to have completed a thru hike. Grrr. Douchebag. Since he hadn’t hiked that section of the trail he somehow left Molas Pass in the wrong direction and started hiking north instead of south. He learned from me that he was going the wrong direction, but only for about a mile. I wish he wouldn’t have learned he was going the wrong direction and ended up hiking back to the train crossing. It would’ve served him right for cheating and skipping parts of the trail. Once we reached the pass we got a hitch fairly quickly, probably within 15 minutes. The guy was a hunter in a pickup with a 4 wheeler in the back. His AC was on and it felt good. He dropped us off near the grocery store so I went in and bought a Dr Pepper and looked around. No spam packets, ugh. Then we walked down to the Prospector Motel and got a room. Lott and I are sharing a $75 double room. Later we ended up at Grumpy’s for their all you can eat ribs. I ate way too much. As we were about to leave my stomach got upset and I headed for the restroom. When we got back to the motel I spent the next few hours in and out of the bathroom. My stomach was wrecked. Lott left to do his laundry. I’ll have to do my laundry tomorrow. We decided to zero day in Silverton so I should have plenty of time to get food and do laundry. Oh, and the local sports store doesn’t have a replacement water filter for my pump. Guess I’m stuck with the hard to pump filter all the way to the end.

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Durango-Silverton Train

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Silverton, CO

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