Colorado Trail – Day 35

September 8, 2013 – Silverton, CO

Miles Hiked: 0
Total Miles: 410.7

Today was a zero day in Silverton. We had to move to a different room at the Prospector since the room we were in is taken tonight. The new room is slightly smaller and cheaper. Still a decent bed. We got around before 8am and went down to the café for breakfast. Lott wanted to go to church at 9am so after eating I walked to the A and B RV park to do my laundry. After laundry, I went back to the motel room. Lott was there. The church never opened. After a bit we went down to a clothing store. Lott discovered his soles were basically falling off his shoes. At the store I found a new full brim hat. It isn’t nearly as good as the one I had but it isn’t too bad and I am tired of the sun. Trying to constantly turn the ball cap towards the sun sucks and really doesn’t work. Lott bought a pair of Merrell Moab waterproof shoes. The shoes I probably should have bought originally since my Merrells aren’t waterproof. I resisted buying new shoes because mine are in OK shape other than a hole forming in the toe of my left shoe. We stopped by the sporting goods store and I bought a tube of Shoe Goo. I have applied 3 layers of the goo to the hole in my shoe. I hope it holds up to the rocks. After lunch at Natalia’s, we went back to the grocery store to resupply with food. The grocery store had a pretty poor selection. No spam packets, only cans. No tuna salad. I bought 3 sticks of summer sausage and some jerky sticks along with some crackers and junk food. I should make it to the end with the food I bought but it isn’t ideal. I actually probably have too much food again. After hanging out at the motel, we explored the town some and eventually found our way to the Handlebar restaurant. I had a chicken fried steak. I’ve had better but it was just what I needed. We had to wait at the restaurant for a while after eating since it was raining. Afterwards it was back to the room for a shower and preparation for returning to the trail tomorrow morning. Only 74 miles and 4 segments left until Durango. I’m extremely excited to reach Durango. Here’s hoping the hike goes smoothly and we make it in 5 days.

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Silverton, CO

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