Colorado Trail – Day 36

September 9, 2013

Miles Hiked: 18.2
Total Miles: 428.9
Segment: ​​25

Slept good last night. I miss beds. I woke up before my alarm went off at 7am. Lott and I got around fairly quickly and went to the Avalanche restaurant for breakfast. I had a sausage breakfast burrito. It was pretty good and quickly provided. After leaving the motel we headed for the end of town to hitch. It took maybe 20 minutes or so to get a ride. It was a woman with 3 dogs in the vehicle. At least one of the dogs was a blue heeler. She was a local. She said she had a house in both Silverton and Durango. Her husband restores historic buildings. She was nice. She said she climbed a 14’er yesterday. She dropped us off at Molas Pass and we were back on the trail at about 9:50am. We made good time despite our packs being heavy from all the food purchased in Silverton. During the day we got some rain but most of it missed us. The end of the day went bad quickly when the bottoms of my feet started hurting severely. At least as bad as back when I was having blister problems except this time there are no blisters, just throbbing pain. We easily made it the 14.8 miles which was our minimum goal. By then my feet were extremely sore. I put on Icy Hot and took Excedrin. We pushed onward hoping to make it to around 17.3. I quickly realized my feet were worse than I thought. They hurt very badly all across the bottom. I was bitching and mumbling curses. I’m sure Lott was sick of hearing it. He said several times that we could stop but my hard-headed dumbass was bound and determined to reach 17.3. When we reached 17 I recommended we push on despite Lott finding usable campsites. By that time it was after 6:30. I really should have stopped. We pushed on and it started raining and getting dark fast because of the clouds. I misunderstood what we would reach at 17.3 miles into segment 25. I thought we were going to join a gravel road, but it was actually just a side trail which led to the road. Due to my misunderstanding we hiked past 17.3. It was difficult to find a campsite after that. We finally settled on a lousy site while it was raining. (Kate was camped nearby. We didn’t realize it was her until the next morning.) I feel terrible for pushing forward and making Lott set up his tent at nearly dark in the rain. I set my tent up slowly, feeling very frustrated. My clothes bag rolled down the mountain. It finally hit a log otherwise it would have been gone forever. I got my hammock set up and ate just as the rain stopped. No more pushing past 7pm. After 7 I have to accept the nearest campsite. The good news is that we hiked almost a mile more than we hoped. My feet still hurt. Hopefully they don’t continue to hurt this bad because it will be a long 4 more days if they do. It is getting cold after the rain. Tomorrow we will hopefully finish segment 25 and hike all of 26.

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IMG_20130909_091157 IMG_20130909_094342 IMG_20130909_095231 IMG_20130909_101238


74 miles until Durango!

IMG_20130909_104113 IMG_20130909_104116 IMG_20130909_104637 IMG_20130909_113319 IMG_20130909_122855 IMG_20130909_122920 IMG_20130909_155238 IMG_20130909_155805 IMG_20130909_160231 IMG_20130909_160249 IMG_20130909_160259 IMG_20130909_160307 IMG_20130909_161410

This marmot wasn’t afraid.

IMG_20130909_172725 IMG_20130909_174334 IMG_20130909_180008 IMG_20130909_180046 IMG_20130909_180102

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