Colorado Trail – Day 38

September 11, 2013

Miles Hiked: 16.9
Total Miles: 466.1
Segments: ​​27, 28

Woke up to it raining. Ugh. Actually got some sleep despite being curled up at the top of my sleeping bag because the bottom was wet. Put on my wet socks after wringing them out. Also put on my wet pants. I wanted to save some semi-dry clothes to sleep in tonight… to, you know, avoid freezing to death. Lott and I were both slow at getting around. Packing everything in the rain was dreadful. Tent was soaked. Sleeping bag was soaked. Clothes and shoes soaked. Everything soaked. As we started on the trail, Kate, a girl who is thru hiking with homemade flip flops and toe socks, was coming up the trail. I had seen Kate in Silverton and on the trail once or twice. Lott met her in Salida. She walked with us for a while as the rain poured down but her pace is much faster and she shot ahead. It rained all morning. It eventually started to break up some but then it rained more. However, by early afternoon the sun started to shine through the thick fog. I could feel the warmth but couldn’t see the sun. Eventually though the fog/clouds got thinner and thinner until the sun was shining. Damn I was so glad to see the sun! I was so cold and completely wet. As we hiked over the high points at the end of segment 27 I was drying pretty good. We took a break and Lott recommended I hang my sleeping bag around my neck as I hiked to let it dry. A very good recommendation because the bag did dry out almost completely. After hiking through the pass and going below treeline for the last time, we went down steeply. We came across Kate after a few miles into segment 28. She said we could set up camp near her so we did. My tent was still very wet. I hung it and let it dry while we started a fire. We actually got a fire going despite the wetness of everything. We used what was left of the Shoe Goo that I used to repair my shoe. It is flammable. The fire was amazing. We 3 sat around it and ate and talked until after 9pm. A very nice last night on the Colorado Trail. I sure hope tomorrow is dry and a pleasant day without rain. We still have over 18 miles to hike tomorrow to reach Durango. But I WILL reach Durango tomorrow, a day ahead of what was planned. It will be good to have the trail finished.

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Rain finally stopped! Clouds clearing out.

IMG_20130911_140817 IMG_20130911_140819 IMG_20130911_141303 IMG_20130911_141306 IMG_20130911_141310 IMG_20130911_144708 IMG_20130911_144811 IMG_20130911_145050

Enjoying the sun and drying out!

IMG_20130911_153059 IMG_20130911_153102 IMG_20130911_153223 IMG_20130911_153233 IMG_20130911_153716 IMG_20130911_153738

Drying my sleeping bag as I hike.


Taylor Lake. Typically the first water after 22 miles… but we had a bit of rain.

IMG_20130911_155213 IMG_20130911_162148 IMG_20130911_165135 IMG_20130911_165618 IMG_20130911_165622 IMG_20130911_170213 IMG_20130911_170216

Last night on the trail!

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