Colorado Trail – Day 4

August 8, 2013

Miles Hiked: 9.2
Total Miles: 49.4
Segments: ​​3, 4

Cold night, my feet got cold and I shivered. Did not sleep well. Cold coming from underneath. This is no way a 15 degree sleeping bag. Grrr. Maybe 50 degrees because my watch only read low 40s. Didn’t leave camp until 11am. Cooked some macaroni and cheese in the morning. What a disaster. By the time I got it cooked it was a mush of crap and my stove bowl was very difficult to clean. I didn’t clean it all the way. Uphill battle as expected. Exhausting. Constantly gasping for air. Met 2 guys. One is going for Durango and the other is stopping at Kenosha Pass. I think they are the same 2 guys I saw yesterday. They setup camp early. They stopped before going up the steep climb but I just wanted to get it over with. After going over the top, I entered a neat valley and it started raining. I kept walking for a while in the valley and reached what looked like a campground. I setup there for the night.

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