Colorado Trail – Day 6

August 10, 2013

Miles Hiked: 7.2
Total Miles: 71.7
Segment: 5

Started out wearing all my clothes and managed the cold night. After making the decision to go ahead and stop in Fairplay I just wanted to finish segment 5. I left at around 8 am. The hiking wasn’t that easy. Plenty of uphill and my feet were only getting worse. The sun was very strong, but I finally reached Kenosha Pass. The thought of eating a chicken fried steak and drinking a margarita kept me going. I got a ride from a guy named Tyler in a really shitty jeep. The jeep had no covering and seemed burned or something. Reminded me of the car in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… Ha. Oh well, he was nice enough. He said he was heading to his cabin by Buena Vista.  He took me to Fairplay. I first went to the convenience store and bought a Dr Pepper. Then I walked to a few hotels. First downtown but they were full because of the Bead and Fiber Show going on… huh. So I went to the Riverside hotel and they had a room. $99 a night but worth it to cleanup and tend to my feet. I took 2 showers and could still smell myself. For dinner I went to the South Park Steakhouse and ate the chicken fried steak and margarita that I was wanting.

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Fairplay, CO

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