Colorado Trail – Day 8

August 12, 2013

Miles Hiked: 8
Total Miles: 79.7
Segment: ​​6

Got a ride from Fairplay to Kenosha Pass from a guy who lives in Denver. I suck with names. He said he has hitchhiked a lot when hiking and needed to repay the favor. I’m glad he stopped because I was trying for at least 30 minutes. Didn’t start hiking again until sometime around 1:00pm. Hiking seemed a bit easier after the rest day. My feet are still very sore!

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IMG_20130812_130154 IMG_20130812_134745 IMG_20130812_140118 IMG_20130812_140504 IMG_20130812_143429 IMG_20130812_143435 IMG_20130812_145849 IMG_20130812_145853 IMG_20130812_153833 IMG_20130812_162646 IMG_20130812_162651 IMG_20130812_162713 IMG_20130812_171413 IMG_20130812_171431

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