Colorado Trail – Day 9

August 13, 2013

Miles Hiked: 13.1
Total Miles: 92.8
Segment: ​​6

Made it up to the continental divide for the first time on the trail. Via Georgia Pass. It hailed pretty heavy while I was at the top, but it was a very neat experience. Beautiful view from the top. As I started my way down the other side, I was surrounded by a bike race on the trail. I was dodging bikes every few minutes which got very annoying. They always expected me to jump right out of the way, even though the trail was a foot wide on a steep slope. I stopped several times for long periods. Once to re-bandage my feet. I finally made it off the big mountain and started up the next section, hoping to get a head start for tomorrow. It rained and hailed several times today… which I really enjoy. I’ve heard several other hikers complain about the weather. I on the other hand hate the hot, sunny days.

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IMG_20130813_090700 IMG_20130813_090706 IMG_20130813_091256 IMG_20130813_101500 IMG_20130813_103314 IMG_20130813_103333 IMG_20130813_105114 IMG_20130813_105118 IMG_20130813_105123


Georgia Pass

IMG_20130813_111653 IMG_20130813_111700

Hailing on Georgia Pass

IMG_20130813_112801 IMG_20130813_112814 IMG_20130813_112818

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